What makes us different

Friendly, fun, motivating, thoughtful and inspiringly unconventional, born in Tadworth, Surrey near the Millfield Windmill, the club is a feast for the soul, the body and the eye – the décor that is, not the staff! Our spaces are more than places to get fit. You can meet new friends, spend time with your family, open your mind and share new experiences with a group who will hopefully feel like belonging to another family. Parents, children, teens & up to 110 year olds, families and individuals are all nourished to be healthy and strong.

The classes are specifically planned to allow family members to exercise at the same time. For example – Mum can do an indoor cycling class, whilst their child or teen is joining in with the cycling groups on a ‘proper bike’, whilst Dad goes for a run or joins in with a circuits class. Individuals are invited to make our family – their family. Or the kids simply watch or run rings around their adult whilst they all work out! It’s a win win – the children don’t notice how active they’ve been!

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When you’re with the Club, we try to fill our spaces with artistic statements; the lollipop trees, sun loungers, retro floor and natural gym equipment, a gold weight or two (ooh lala, we hear you say!) and the earthy natural feel of our indoor gym sessions. Outside, too, this is reflected in the activities on offer.

Everything is bespoke, curated almost like an Art Gallery.

The personality of the outdoor activities is when the wild community of the Club comes to the fore.

This is a place where members won’t be afraid to get dirty, where they can meet like-minded people and make new experiences and enjoy themselves throughout the year.

We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive. We will have sessions for teenagers and young adults who identify as non-binary, sessions for those who have extra or less sensory needs, classes to support all physical abilities, we offer classes for all diversities and if we don’t have a class for you – phone us and we’ll make sure we expand our timetable. We have even invested in an adapted bike so everyone can be included in all our adventures. We bring people together and nurture everyone to feel comfortable ‘away from the norm’.


This isn’t just another sports club in which you’ll arrive, put your headphones on and work out. This is a completely different experience, and the membership base reflects this; everyone can savour the feeling of camaraderie and adventure.

In some lights, in the height of summer, you might liken us to an adventure come refined day spa retreat for the adventurous; enjoying our wonderful vitamin laden replenishing cocktails, hot chocolates and snacks whilst lazing in the wild, often by water or a windmills!

In another light you’ll see that we enjoy tough gritty, down to earth, childlike fun & competition that keeps us happy and fit; we even train some clients in sports to competition level aiming also for the Paralympics. The happy medium is The Rascal Club.


The club has a cheeky side – where else could you borrow a Rickshaw, get changed outside and shower under the stars – in the UK and even in the winter! Your new luxury wardrobe will be the infamous coveted Dry Robe or Oodie (or similar!).

The Rascal Club is a Community Interest Company which means profit is reinvested directly back into the club for all members of the community to benefit into the future.

come on, dive in!

We offer cold water meditation, water strength, safety, and rescue classes for children, teens and adults.

And for the wild at heart, we’ll even have the opportunity to indulge in open-water swimming! Pools, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and the ocean! You might even find us in a puddle – love the water so much!

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