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Book a class or plan a trip. There is something for all abilities from beginners to team GB athletes, for teenagers through to 110 year olds, for babies and families to either book together or different sports but at the same time = me time!

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This wonderful venue brings natural swimming under big skies – day and night, water dipping and meditation floating, cold water therapy in the colder months, grounding, rewilding and sound baths. Moon ceremonies and swimming under the stars. Yoga and Pilates on the lawn & local meadows. Summertime DJ’s and sunbathing days and evenings.

The retreats are always filled with nourishing foods that are good for your gut. Gluten and sugar free. Alcohol substitutes that nurture your soul and revive your spirit for life.

Natural pool and garden retreat Surrey, Rascal Club
The Gym Hut interior, Rascal Club, Walton on the Hill

The Gym Hut

Opened in January 2024 we have a full gym equipped with cardio machines, weights, benches, ropes, sand bags, kettle bells and anything you can think you might need to build muscle, strength, rehab, stretch and burn!

We run the gym on a bookable session basis called Small Group Training. You sign up to the 45 minutes that suits you, you can add another 45 minutes and stay longer if you like too!

The sessions are planned for the year ahead so you’ll know if you’re training endurance, hypotrophy or a skill and we will hold your hand where you need it. The 4 corners of our gym are Cardio, Core, Upper and Lower body and you work around the room, led by the timer and coach. OR you can choose to stay in the Upper body if you’re working solely on your guns and moobs – the choice is yours.

Join on a 6 week Rapid Transformation Program, use a monthly membership or PAYG.


The Gym Hut, Opposite the Chequers Pub, Chequers Lane KT20 7SF


The indoor cycling classes are held in a local warehouse just behind the Co-op in Walton on the Hill. We have early sessions for before work, sessions for after school drop off, lunch time, late afternoon for teenagers and finish off each evening with as many sessions as we have demand for. The music is brilliant. Classes for cyclist, rhythm riders, beginners and rehabilitation +over 60’s too!


Trainers or clip in bike shoes, a loose fitting top and shorts or leggings and bring a towel and bottle of water.


Located at the Pop-up @ the Lock-up in Walton on the Hill, you can easily park in the village car park across the road. See the map on the contact page or use the What3Words website or app for our exact location.

Indoor cycling fitness classes
Strength fitness class Walton on the Hill


Small classes focus on strengthening specific areas of the body to get rid of pain and support mobility and strength. Hips, knees and backs are our speciality. The exercises will be tailored exactly to your requirements. Whether you are putting off a hip replacement or preventing injury to allow you to push yourself to the Olympics – we work for you.

We also use these sessions for Mum & Baby Core Restore with our specialist trainers who will look after you in your post birth recovery.

If you are interested in private sessions, at your home, please contact Sam on 07970 535894.


Wear loose fitting clothing, a few layers to allow you to add and remove clothes throughout the sessions. Trainers and socks and bring a towel and water bottle. To get the most of your session, we’d recommend you plan in time to walk (or jog) for 10 minutes before and after your session.


Situated in one of our wonderful inside spaces within Walton and Tadworth. Please see the calendar booking for the exact location.


Whether you are interested in Couch to 5k or if you’re training for a marathon these classes focus on technique, strength, specific muscle usage whilst building speed and endurance. If you’re a beginner, don’t let the word endurance put you off – we will build the time and distance of everyone who attends, every week – it’s a promise! Mondays at 0915 and parents with babies or toddlers are most welcome to join us. A running buggy is great, but not essential.

The 60 minutes are a mixture of hyper focussing on your technique and running style, having fun & games (disguised as building your speed) and learning by doing stretches that will keep you flexible for days afterwards.

Beginners – don’t worry, you won’t be running for the full hour!

Advanced folk – you’ll be challenged to cover up to 5 times the distance of any beginner – if you can push yourself hard enough that is!

You can turn up and walk jog and simply enjoy the weekly camaraderie, or turn up and train harder each week, perhaps with a view to enter an event – it’s up to you.

We all work together on the same track so we can encourage and push ourselves or rest whenever it suits us. Each week will vary for you – we simply provide the guidance and drive for you to be your best.


A good pair of supportive trainers. In the winter, trainers with more grip or trail shoes are best. Socks, always socks! Shorts, leggings or tracksuit trouser (but only these for complete beginners, otherwise you’ll get too hot). Sports bra, thin t-shirt and one thin layer or thin waterproof jacket over the top. Even in the depths of winter you only need two very thin layers at the most. A hat, cap or head band to keep your ears warm or sweat and hair away from your face. Caps are great if it’s raining. Thin pair of gloves if your hands feel the cold. If it’s snowing or frosty a neck warmer.

Bring some water – we’ll keep it at our rest point. Go to the loo before you come or be prepared to wild wee! Be prepared to enjoy the mud! (have a change of shoes in the car).


The meeting point will be one of our Pop-Up to Run Away locations; all within Walton or Tadworth for the regular weekly sessions. Further afield for fun runs. Check the calendar booking for the exact location. 


Join us for our regular mountain bike rides for all abilities from beginner to advanced.

Our weekly Bike Clubs are held from local schools and private spaces and the adventurous visit bike parks, mountains and overseas:

Yellow: Balance & burn! The best way is on a balance bike or even start on a scooter to build confidence, fitness and fun! 30mins

Blue: Learn to ride. Small groups. Parents stay and watch – learning how to help too! (Must have attended at least one Balance & Burn class before attending these sessions – we can remove the pedals to use a regular bike as a balance bike) 45 mins

Green: Go get ‘em! Ramps, jump, drops, signalling, road safety and bike maintenance for ages 7 to nervous adults too

Orange: Tour the trails for ages 11+ to adults. Come as a family, a couple or just alone – beginners

Red: Advanced adventures for 14+ and adults


Sturdy trainers or mountain bike shoes, socks, ideally cover your legs in ‘skins’ or loose fitting trousers, shorts, t-shirt, light long sleeve top and waterproof jacket, a helmet, cycling gloves, protective glasses are useful but not essential, small backpack and a water bottle.

If you’d like your bike serviced before you begin, please book online.


The meeting point will vary with each session. It will be within Walton or Tadworth – so please check the booking system for details.

Mountain biking Surrey
Road cycling club Surrey


Adults with road bikes and teenagers who are keen to learn about road (or track) cycling will love our guided rides.

We offer short beginner courses & rides that cover kit, safety, road rules and efficiency. Weekly rides for regular confident cyclists and any ability in-between. Each week we have short, medium and longer rides available to book. If you fancy a ride and there isn’t a time to suit you, please contact the team, even ad-hoc and one of us will be keen to escape the office and ride with you – we just love it!


Sturdy trainers or clip in bike shoes, socks that are ankle height, in the depth of winter – cover your legs in ‘tight skins/leggings’, the rest of the year wear shorts, t-shirt or cycling top with back pockets, thin long sleeve top and bring a light weight waterproof jacket. A helmet, cycling gloves & protective glasses. If you don’t have a saddle bag or cycling top with pockets – bring small backpack. Your water bottle should be in the holder on the bike. Do ask us though, we are very friendly and happy to advise. Everyone was a beginner once!

If you’d like your bike serviced before you begin, please book online


The meeting point will vary with each session. It will be within Walton or Tadworth – so please check the booking system for details.


This is a fancy name for going for a walk to keep mentally and physically fit. If you prefer a stroll, wrapped up in a coat and welly boots – join our beginners for a leisurely restful pace. If you prefer a walk with a purpose and want to explore for an hour or so – join our intermediates. Our advanced walkers are those with experience in walking and we walk a little bit faster which allows us to explore further afield – we still always stop for a drink and snack!

We have classes for new parents and babies, those who want to explore and escape during the day, evening star gazing and weekend adventures for all ages where we walk in supportive teams – taking the disability trike if we need to for really little legs or so that everyone can join in.


A sturdy pair of trainers, walking shoes or walking boots. Layers – lots of thin layers. Loose fitting trousers (not jeans – as these don’t dry quickly if it rains!) and a thin water proof coat. Big bulky coats are only needed if we walk in the snow!


The meeting point will vary each time. The regular weekly walks will be from Tadworth and Walton. The mini weekend adventures might leave from further afield – details in the booking area.

Rambling fitness club Surrey
Mother and baby fitness class


Come and get fit and have fun whilst being outside. These classes cover a range of options. Some classes are during the school day, so they would suit adults with under 5’s or just adults on their own.

Some classes are straight after school so parents can get fit whilst their kids join in or run around us!

Other classes are dedicated to adults without children. We focus on either cardio fitness, physical strength and stability or both. We have couch to 5km running courses. Our pure core and the strength & conditioning classes are wonderful to do outside under the clouds or amongst the trees.

Every class outside builds both metal and physical strength and wellbeing – they are just brilliant classes to meet others and work at completely your own pace and ability.


A good pair of supportive trainers with socks. Thin layers that are easy to remove as your warm up! Even in the depths of winter, you should only need one layer – as long as everything is covered! Tight leggings or loose-fitting clothes are equally fine. A thin waterproof jacket is a good idea, but getting wet is cool – we won’t let you get cold! A hat in winter and cap in the summer. Think gloves and a neck warmer to keep your ears and neck warm/ sweat away is a good idea too.

Always bring a water bottle and be prepared to get a little bit muddy!


Located at one of our Pop-Up to meet up spaces within Walton or Tadworth. Please see the sessions link within the calendar to see the exact location.


Come along to our comfy home from home – tables for board games, chairs to sit together with friends, family & time to get to make new friends. All generations come together, teenagers can come on their own and if you’re retired – come along and show the youngster how to win!

Each session is about 2 hours long, you can stay that long, or just pop in. If you have any board games in good condition that you’d like to donate – you can have £5.50 off your first visit (one person per family only – unless you have more than one board game to donate!). Bored of playing on your mobile phone? Craving human contact – come and join in one of the sessions. Why not join in or add to the village game of Monopoly and we can see how many weeks we can keep it going!

We run the sessions from local village halls. Keep an eye on our social media channels or regularly look at the calendar on our ‘book now’ page.


Comfy clothes, even your slippers and a blanket for your knee if you fancy that, a drink and snacks although we’ll also have some for sale, along with cups of tea and coffee and the proceeds will all be going to this Community Interest Company.


The locations will be in the local village halls – click on the calendar session that you’d like to join for full details of the address.

Open water & Cold water swim therapy with yoga

Immersing yourself into water that’s wild by name and calm by nature is the single best thing you can do for your body. The benefits are endless and you’ll feel everyone after just 2 or 3 minutes:

> Your heart will calm and beat in time with the earth
> Anxiety will be prompted to be sorted out
> You’ll be completely and utterly in the moment
> You’ll be free from modern life as nothing can reach you – no phones, no work, no responsibilities
> Any pain will disappear and reduce after leaving the water
> Inflammation is reduced
> Arthritis will ease, planta fasciitis will ease and eventually disappear
> Your lymph nodes will flood, move and clear
> Weight loss increases as does your metabolism
> You feel free and weightless
> You will giggle & feel like a child
> You’ll love it and smile the biggest smile!

The Wim Hoff method is very similar to our teaching and practices and we love to pass the knowledge onto you and your children. These sessions teach physical safety, mental agility and deep therapeutic healing which you’ll be able to tap into for life.

Once you’ve booked this session, please check your email or whatsapp for exact directions and make yourself familiar with for the meeting point.


> Swim costume or trunks, a wetsuit if you like – not essential.
> An old pair of trainers or water shoes (that tie on or that are tight)
> A bright swimming hat or cap or bobble hat (in the winter)
> A tow float.
> A life jacket if you’re under 12 or a nervous/weak swimmer (adults are welcome to also wear a life jacket)
> A dry robe, dressing gown, large towel or onesie.
> Warm socks and easy to put on sliders or trainers for afterward.
> A large plastic bag for all your wet things.
> A warm drink in a thermos flask and a sweet treat.
> Another woolly hat for afterwards!
> Waterproof coat and trousers if it looks like rain!


Each session will be slightly different – please see the advert for more details. In the winter, generally we move about 100m (4 lengths of a pool) maximum and can be in the water anything between 30mins and 5 minutes depending on your body and the time of year.

Open water cold water swimming
Teen fitness club, The Rascal Club


A youth club where teenagers can get fit, build muscle and do it safely with the camaraderie of others. School years 7 to 9 meet first and ages 10-13 later. Use this club as a starting place to safely hang out with other teenagers in the company of great motivating Coaches.

A Coach who can support mental health, be a safe person to talk to and encourage strong friendships. Some sessions are held in the Gym Hut with all the equipment, others are at Howard Close for games and chilling out. In the summer, stay after the session at Howard Close and build friendships.

Membership is just £120 for 3 months and you get the 4th month free. Less than £7 per session!


Jeans and fancy footwear if you like, but casual comfy sports are best- something you can move in. Bring a water bottle.


Some sessions are held in the Gym Hut with all the equipment, others are at Howard Close for games and chilling out. In the summer, stay after the session at Howard Close and build friendships. See the booking for more details.


Saturday morning, outside fitness for children school years 2 to 9. As the football, hockey & rugby seasons end for the year – sign up to this course to maintain and build fitness ready for September.

Every Saturday morning for 4 months. We only charge for 3 months and the 4th month is free because we know that sometimes children just need a day off, perhaps a holiday and we don’t want you to feel out of pocket.

Adults are required to stay and watch, or you are WELCOME to JOIN IN for free! Honestly – The Rascal Club’s ethos is ‘Fun Family Fitness’. The kids will love it.


Breech Lane or Howard Close in Walton on the Hill